Surrey, BC: What’s the Difference Between the 2021 Ram ProMaster Cutaway and the Chassis Cab?

May 24,2022

If you are searching for heavy-duty vehicles for your commercial endeavours, then you may like either the 2021 Ram ProMaster Cutaway or the Chassis Cab. While the two may look similar to the untrained eye, there are a few differences that may help you make your final decision.   The Cutaway is basically the cab of the Ram ProMaster. It ends directly behind the driver's seat. A box or cargo area can be added later according to your specific needs, and this allows the occupants to have access to the rear via a partition. Whether you transform this model into a cargo van or a truck is entirely up to you. One limitation to keep in mind is that you can't add extra seating. This type is for two people only.   On the other hand, the Chassis Cab is the cabin section along with a trailing chassis. Various back-end body styles can be affixed to it such as a crane upfit, a dump truck, or extra chairs. Generally, this model tends to offer longer lengths as well.   Both come with 16-inch steel wheels, all-season tires, and extended side mirrors with manual-folding capabilities.   For more information about the Ram ProMaster lineup, contact our team of agents today!