Diesel Battle: 2022 Ram 3500 vs 2022 Ford F-350 Near Chilliwack

May 24,2022

If you are searching for a full-size, heavy-duty truck that offers the highest diesel performance and towing capacity, then you need to set your sights on the 2022 Ram 3500 lineup. Compared to the 2022 Ford F-350 models, it is clear which vehicle is superior.   The Ram 3500 is powered by a High-Output Turbo Diesel 6.7-litre Inline-6 motor crafted by Cummins. It churns out 420 hp and 1,075 lb-ft of torque (Best-In-Class). Thanks to the high-strength steel frame, it can manage a payload weighing up to 3,134 kg (6,910 lbs). It can also haul 16,824 kg (37,090 lbs) with the Fifth-Wheel/Gooseneck Neck package.   On the other hand, the Ford F-350 is fitted with a 6.7-litre Power Stroke diesel V8 engine. Delivering 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque, it can only pull up to 9,525 kg (21,000 lbs). even with the proper Fifth-Wheel/Gooseneck prep group, the maximum load can't exceed 16,216 kg (35,750 lbs). Finally, the limit for the payload is capped at 2,059 kg (4,539 lbs).   Want to learn more about how the Ram 3500 beats other competition trucks in its class? Get in contact with our expert today to get all the details!