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Consumer Vehicle Reviews in Chilliwack

2021 ram 1500 for sale in chilliwack bc canadaIt’s no secret that full-size trucks tend to have massive blind spots. Luckily, the new 2021 Ram 1500 Limited comes with two trailer-inclusive driving aids to help reduce your risk of causing an accident on the highway or in a parking lot.

The first enhancement is blindspot monitoring. Keeping tabs on your side view even with an attachment in tow, this feature will alert you if another vehicle is next to you. This will let you know that it is not the right time to change lanes. Once the other car pulls ahead, the alert will cease.

The other system is known as rear cross-traffic detection. Operating with the ParkView backup camera and sensors, it will notify you if a moving obstacle travels behind you. Keep in mind that this is only active when you are in reverse.

Want to put these elements to the test? Contact our staff today to schedule an appointment in a new Ram 1500!

2021 ram 1500 for sale in chilliwack bc canadaIf you are on a quest to find a light-duty pickup that can perform well under pressure, then you need to turn your attention to the new 2021 Ram 1500 Sport.

This mid-level trim comes with numerous capabilities that will make your life much easier on (and off) the beaten path.

First, heavy-duty front/rear shock absorbers and the multilink coil spring suspension system work together to provide you with a more comfortable ride experience. Along with the stabilizer bar, these features help to soak up any bumps so that you don’t have to bounce around the cabin.

Next, the upper active grille shutters and air dam allow plenty of oxygen to flow into the engine compartment. This promotes the best motor performance possible. Finally, the 7-pin wiring harness allows electricity to transfer to the brakes and taillights of your trailer.

Contact our team of experts right now to test a Ram 1500!

O'Connor Chrysler in Chilliwack BC O'Connor Chrysler in Chilliwack BC O'Connor Chrysler in Chilliwack BC O'Connor Chrysler in Chilliwack BC


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