Chilliwack, BC: What’s Included in the 4×4 Protection Group on the 2021 Ram 2500?

May 24,2022

Available on every trim level except the Power Wagon, the 4x4 Protection Group is an optional suite that adds a slew of skid plates to various components on the 2021 Ram 2500.   The first is the front suspension. Covering the working parts of the system, you won't have to worry about damaging the feature while you are off-roading.   Next is the steering gear skid plate. If you have ever hit a pothole or a curb, then you know how the alignment can get messed up. For folks who frequently go rock crawling, this protective element will help keep your truck driving straight.   The third is for the fuel tank. It goes without saying that no one wants to bust this crucial part.   Finally, the transfer case also gets its own skid plate. While each factor can be installed individually, it's easier (and cheaper) to spring for the 4x4 Protection Group as a whole.   Contact our experts to learn more today!