Chilliwack, BC: What Is the Multilink Suspension on the 2021 Ram 2500?

May 24,2022

It's no secret that the new 2021 Ram 2500 has one of the best payload capacities on the market. This powerful pickup can manage up to 1,819 kg (4,010 lbs) of weight in the bed, and that is all thanks to the Multilink Coil Rear Suspension.   As a class-exclusive feature, this mechanism uses at least three lateral arms to react to pressure without bending. Offering the ultimate strength and control, you won't find a smoother ride out there.   Combining that with the 50,000 PSI steel frame, the Ram 2500 is a force to be reckoned with. It can even take on rough conditions off-road with ease. Whether you need to drive out to a remote job site or you simply want to explore the wilderness, you can do it with this magnanimous truck.   Want to take one out for a spin? Get in touch with O'Conner Chrysler to schedule an appointment today.