Chilliwack, BC: What is the Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension on the 2021 Ram 1500?

May 24,2022

Available on the new 2021 Ram 1500 is the Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension. This allows you to automatically adjust the ride height of the truck.   From off-roading to hauling a trailer, this feature will come in quite handy. When you hook up an attachment, the mechanism will immediately begin its work. It also provides a stable ride so that you won't even feel the added weight.   Here are the various settings and what each one does.   The first is Normal Ride Height. This gives you 221 mm (8.7 inches) of ground clearance measured from the base of the door. It is the typical position the truck should be in and is referred to as the NRH.   Next is Aero Mode. Lowering the Ram 1500 by 15 mm (half of an inch), this setting was designed to help improve the fuel economy by approximately 1 percent.   Then, there is Off-Road 1. Raising the vehicle above the NRH by 25 mm (1 inch), it sits at 246 mm (9.7 inches). This enables you to traverse over small obstacles.   You may also activate Off-Road 2 for larger impediments. This mode gives you a ground clearance of 272 mm (10.7 inches) or 51 mm (2 inches) over the NRH.   Finally, Entry/Exit Mode will drop the transport down by 51 mm (2 inches) to allow passengers to climb in or out without hurting their knees.   Contact us today to learn more about the Ram 1500!