Chilliwack, BC: Understanding the AWD System on Select Dodge Challenger Models

May 24,2022

If you have been dreaming of owning an iconic muscle car but are afraid that it won't be practical for daily driving, then we have some good news for you! Every 2021 Dodge Challenger model that is fitted with the V6 engine also includes AWD for optimized performance on the roads of BC - making it ideal for work, play, and beyond. Learn more about how this feature works below.   This class-exclusive drivetrain toggles between RWD and AWD with ease, depending on the condition of the street. No matter what kind of weather is happening, this new Dodge Challenger can handle it - delivering precise performance to BC. Added features include an active transfer case and front-axle disconnect. These offer you more control over the amount of traction that is utilized. It also helps to bolster the fuel economy, reducing overall resources needed to power the V6 engine. Achieve smooth acceleration on every terrain.    Would you like to try a 2021 Dodge Challenger for yourself? Get in touch with our team of agents in Chilliwack to schedule an appointment today and experience the power of AWD - and don't hesitate to request additional financing information as well.