Chilliwack, BC: Understanding Active Exhaust on the 2021 Dodge Challenger

May 24,2022

Ever since the Scat Pack and Hellcat trim levels were introduced in 2017, many of the Dodge Challenger models have been equipped with active exhaust. On the new 2021 vehicles, this feature has been added to the R/T as well.   Paired with HEMI V8 engines only, active exhaust is sometimes referred to as dual-mode. Using two electronic valves positioned at the back of the car, this mechanism controls how much noise the tips put out. In other words, it makes the roar of the motor a lot louder when you stomp on the accelerator.   However, they also serve another purpose. When you are idling in traffic or driving at a steady speed on the highway, the valves close to keep the sound at a minimum. This is ideal for longer trips when you don't want to hear the rumbling of the powertrain the entire time.   Want to test it out for yourself? Contact our experts in Chilliwack to schedule an appointment today!