Chilliwack, BC: Explore the Off-Roading Features on the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX

May 24,2022

As Motor Trend's Truck of the Year, the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX (pronounced like “T-Rex") is quite the specimen. Loaded with off-roading enhancements, you can conquer just about any type of earth.   First, take a look at the stability features that come with this ride. Taking on remote trails can be rough, especially from the driver's perspective. Thanks to the Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension, the Multilink Coil Spring Rear Suspension, the ELocker electronic locking rear differential, and the Active Performance Shock Absorbers in the front and back, you will experience nothing but smooth sailing! These components all work in unison to soak up the impact from traveling over jagged terrain. This results in a much more comfortable time for you and your passengers inside the cabin.   Meanwhile, several underbody skid plates have been installed. These protect the transfer case, steering system, suspension, fuel tank, and front fascia from damage due to rocks. In other words, you can climb that gnarly mountain without worrying about knocking a key mechanism loose.   Finally, tow hooks are mounted to the face of the truck and also on the rear. You can move a fallen tree out of your path with ease or pull your friend's Ford out of the mud.   Contact us today to learn more about the Ram 1500 lineup!