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What's On A CARFAX Report?

One way to get the peace of mind you want when purchasing a used vehicle is by getting a CARFAX Canada report. Considered the most comprehensive and reliable vehicle history reports in the country, a CARFAX report will provide you with a range of information to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.
Woman Reviewing a CARFAX Report at a Dealership in Fraser Valley, BC

Unfixed Safety Recalls

If your car has had multiple owners, then it’s likely that the past owners haven’t been receiving up-to-date safety recall notifications. CARFAX keeps track of all safety recalls for vehicles, and the report will let you know if the vehicle has an unfixed safety recall that needs seeing to. That way, you know that you’re getting behind the wheel of a safe vehicle.

Canadian Lien Checks

When you purchase a car privately, if the seller owes money on the car — and doesn’t tell you — then you might end up responsible for paying off the car’s debt. A CARFAX report will let you know if there are any liens registered against the vehicle in certain parts of Canada. That way, you have the peace of mind needed to be certain that the car has been paid for before you buy it.

Any Accident Reports

Past accidents can really influence the value of a used vehicle. When you get a CARFAX report for any vehicle, you will learn if a vehicle has ever been in an accident, along with the extent of damage that car has experienced over its lifespan. It doesn’t matter if it was a fender bender or a heavy-duty collision - if the accident was reported, then the CARFAX report will likely have it listed.

Helpful General Information

Along with information surrounding any potential accidents and issues, your CARFAX report will also provide you with some general information about your vehicle. This includes:
  • The provinces your vehicle was registered in
  • If the car has been negatively branded
  • A full vehicle history from across Canada and the United States
  • Bilingual options, including French and English
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