Bed Battle: 2022 Ram 3500 Rambox vs 2022 Ford F-150 BoxLink in BC

May 24,2022

If you want a heavy-duty pickup that offers the best payload organization, then you need to explore the 2022 Ram 3500 lineup. Compared to the 2022 Ford F-350, this truck has much better cargo storage in the box. Plus, you can find one right now at O'Connor Chrysler in BC.   First, let's look at the Ford F-350. It can be equipped with the BoxLink system, which is basically just a series of reinforced side plates that allow you to attach/tie-down accessories and objects. These plates have lockable/removable cleats that serve as connection points for securing items.   On the other hand, the Ram 3500 can be geared with the coveted RamBox Cargo Management System. This integrated collection of lockable, weatherproof bins allows you to stay equipment and tools safely. you can put anything from socket wrench to fishing poles inside. Even your muddy rubber boots can go in. What's more is that the compartments are drainable. this means you can wash them out when they get dirty. The cherry on top is that each bin is also illuminated so you can find things at night with ease.   Contact our team of experts today to learn more about how the Ram 3500 beats other models in its class!