Bed Battle: 2021 Ram 3500 Limited vs 2021 Chevy Silverado 3500 High Country in Chilliwack, BC

May 24,2022

If you are considering purchasing a heavy-duty pickup, then you are probably needing it for more than everyday errands. Instead you require superior functionality to dominate the work-site; and, while there are many competitors on the market, the details make all the difference. Looking at the beds on the 2021 Ram 3500 Limited vs the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 High Country, you can easily see which truck has more to offer.   The top-tier 3500 comes with the Rambox Cargo Management System. Adding watertight, lockable storage compartments into the sides of the bed, this option ensures that you can secure your tools and gear. Since these bins are also drainable, you can empty, wash, and dry them if they get dirty from holding muddy boots. Also each space is lit so that you can see what's inside at night.   On the other hand, the premium Silverado 3500 doesn't have a feature like this. It does include a spray-in liner to prevent scratches and cargo tie-downs, but the Ram 3500 also comes with these enhancements - making the decision an easy one for BC drivers.   At the end of the day, nothing can compare to the new Ram 3500! Contact us to learn more.