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Auto Advice For Chilliwack Consumers

2021 ram 2500 for sale in chilliwack bc canadaAvailable on every trim level except the Power Wagon, the 4x4 Protection Group is an optional suite that adds a slew of skid plates to various components on the 2021 Ram 2500.

The first is the front suspension. Covering the working parts of the system, you won’t have to worry about damaging the feature while you are off-roading.

Next is the steering gear skid plate. If you have ever hit a pothole or a curb, then you know how the alignment can get messed up. For folks who frequently go rock crawling, this protective element will help keep your truck driving straight.

The third is for the fuel tank. It goes without saying that no one wants to bust this crucial part.

Finally, the transfer case also gets its own skid plate. While each factor can be installed individually, it’s easier (and cheaper) to spring for the 4x4 Protection Group as a whole.

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2021 ram 2500 for sale in chilliwack bc canadaWhile the new 2021 Ram 2500 is well-equipped to handle adventures away from paved streets, this heavy-duty pickup can also be fitted with the 4x4 Off-Road Package to further enhance its abilities.

This suite kickstarts things with Bilstein monotube shock absorbers that soak up bumps so you don’t have to feel them. These also help to disperse excess heat and are finely-tuned to collaborate with the total weight of the vehicle.

Also included is the class-exclusive 5-link coil rear suspension system. Offering better control over the back axle, this makes the experience inside the cabin much more pleasant.

On/Off-Road tires from Firestone are also part of the grouping. Designed to clean themselves, any mud or rocks that you pick up in the tread will shake free as your drive.

Finally, the anti-spin differential in the back improves the amount of torque flowing the tires.

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2021 ram 2500 for sale in chilliwack bc canadaWhen it comes to sheer power in a pickup, there isn’t another model out there that can offer the same type of control as the 2021 Ram 2500. This full-size truck boasts Tru-Lok front and rear differentials, which is something that many people never thought they would see.

These work by shifting torque between the two separate axles. Designed to enable you to switch between them on the dashboard, these low-pressure, air-locked mechanisms come in handy on rough terrain.

The Ram 2500 isn’t just good for construction work or hauling horses. It can also be used to explore the natural landscape of Alberta. With the help of rock rails, you won’t have to worry about damage being caused to the underbelly of your vehicle. You can climb over jagged earth to get to your desired destination with ease.

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2021 ram 2500 for sale in chilliwack bc canadaIt’s no secret that the new 2021 Ram 2500 has one of the best payload capacities on the market. This powerful pickup can manage up to 1,819 kg (4,010 lbs) of weight in the bed, and that is all thanks to the Multilink Coil Rear Suspension.

As a class-exclusive feature, this mechanism uses at least three lateral arms to react to pressure without bending. Offering the ultimate strength and control, you won’t find a smoother ride out there.

Combining that with the 50,000 PSI steel frame, the Ram 2500 is a force to be reckoned with. It can even take on rough conditions off-road with ease. Whether you need to drive out to a remote job site or you simply want to explore the wilderness, you can do it with this magnanimous truck.

Want to take one out for a spin? Get in touch with O’Conner Chrysler to schedule an appointment today.

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