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Auto Advice For Chilliwack Consumers
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<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/Auto_Advice/2022_Ram_1500Classic_Safety.jpg"alt="2022 Ram 1500 Classic with a man using the rearview camera”/></a>No matter which trim level you choose, the 2022 Ram 1500 Classic is equipped with several standard safety features that you will love. Currently available at O’Connor Chrysler in BC, you can take one of these light-duty beasts home with you today!

First is the ParkView Backup Camera. Transmitting a live video image to the Uconnect infotainment touchscreen interface, this mechanism gives you eyes in the back. It has dynamic gridlines so you can gauge distance better, and it works with a trailer in tow too. This can help prevent fender benders, and it may also be bolstered by the Park-Sense Rear Park Assist System. That includes sensors that will detect objects once you get too close.

Next is the Electronic Stability Control suite. Complete with Hill-Start Assist, Trailer Sway Control, Rain Brake Support, Electronic Roll Mitigation, Traction Control, and Ready Alert Braking, this package provides you with a smooth mode of transportation. Even in inclement weather or on steep inclines, the Ram 1500 Classic will be able to handle various road conditions with grace.

Would you like to take this truck out for a test run? Get in touch with our team of friendly experts now to schedule an appointment or inquire about inventory!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/Auto_Advice/2022_Ram_1500Classic_Media.jpg"alt="2022 Ram 1500 Classic with 3D navigation”/></a>If you are searching for a truck with a conventional style and plenty of advanced technology, then you need to set your sights on the 2022 Ram 1500 Classic lineup. Currently available at O’Connor Chrysler in BC, you can ride home in one of these pickups today!

One of the things that makes this vehicle special is its affinity for media. Equipped with the Uconnect system, you can operate the various functions via the 8.4-inch touchscreen. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, seamless audio streaming is a breeze. Plus, Bluetooth provides hands-free communication for your safety and convenience. Other options that you can add include a 12-month subscription to SiriusXM services, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and 3D navigation.

Another important monitor is the full-colour in-cluster interface. Measuring 7-inches across, it showcases the data from the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, and full gauge. You will also find warning light indicators here. This screen is customisable, and you can control how it looks by using the steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Finally, the multipurpose media hub located in the centre fold-down bin contains a USB port for charging mobile devices. The auxiliary input jack is here as well as the 12-volt outlet.

Contact our agents now to learn more about the Ram 1500 Classic!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=DODGE&model=Challenger"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/Auto_Advice/2022_Dodge_Challenger_Safety.png"alt="2022 Dodge Challenger interior with red seating”/></a>As a highly sought-after sedan that can smoke all other models in its class, safety is very important for the 2022 Dodge Challenger models. Since this vehicle is able to reach high speeds very quickly, it is vital that the appropriate driving aids are in place to keep you and other occupants secure. Plus, you can find this sedan at O’Connor Chrysler in BC now!

The first standard enhancement that you will be grateful for is the set of rain-sensing windshield wipers. They come on automatically at the first drop, and they keep the glass clear for optimized visibility during inclement weather.

A tire pressure monitoring system is also provided. This will alert you when the air pressure inside gets too low. A service kit is included as well so that you can address any issues on the road quickly until you can reach a mechanic.

Numerous airbags have been installed including multistage front and supplemental seat-mounted side units. These work hard to provide cushioning in the event of an accident. There is even a curtain unit to protect occupants’ heads.

Are you sifted to jump inside a Dodge Challenger? Get in contact with our team of knowledgeable agents to schedule a test ride or ask about our current inventory today!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=DODGE&model=Challenger"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/Auto_Advice/2022_Dodge_Challenger_Brakes.png"alt="2022 Dodge Challenger models at sunset”/></a>If you are considering purchasing a new 2022 Dodge Challenger, then you may want to learn more about the various braking systems that come with different trim levels. With 10 unique models to choose from, it’s important to understand what type of stopping each one has. Plus, you can reserve any of these versions when you call O’Connor Chrysler in BC.

The standard component is a performance-enhanced 4-wheel antilock disc brake system with Brake Assist. Bolstered by Rain Brake Support and Ready-Alert Braking, it is designed to halt the vehicle even during inclement weather. Thanks to the Electronic Stability Control Suite which adds Hill Start Assist, All-Speed Traction Control, and Electronic Roll Mitigation, you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding.

The Scat Pack 392 and higher all get upgraded Brembo brakes with either 4 or 6-piston calipers. These come in Black or Red depending on the trim, and they also include all of the aforementioned features. Other optional colours include Gun Metal and Orange.

Would you like to learn more about the elements of the 2022 Dodge Challenger? Get in touch with our friendly team of experts now to get all of the details, schedule an appointment for a test run, or ask about our current stock!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=JEEP&model=Wagoneer"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/December_2021/Auto_Advice/2022_Jeep_Wagoneer_ParallelParkAssist.png"alt="2022 Jeep Wagoneer with Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist”/></a>From intuitive sensors to intelligent cameras, the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer models are some of the smartest SUVs on the roads today. Available at O’Connor Chrysler in BC, you can ride home in this full-size luxury SUV now!

Aside from the standard driving aids that come with both trim levels - the Series II and III - the Wagoneer can be equipped with extra elements that are designed to protect you.

The first is the Active Lane Management System. This mechanism keeps tabs on the lines on the pavement to ensure that you never deter from your designated path. If you begin to sway off to the left or right, it can make minor steering adjustments to bring you back into the centre. This is ideal for commuters and people who enjoy taking long trips.

Another component you may want to get is the Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist. This is great to add with the ParkView Backup Camera, Park-Sense, and Rear Cross-Path Detection functions. This will warn you if you are about to bump into another vehicle while trying to get into a tight spot.

Ready to give the Jeep Wagoneer a try in person? Contact our team of friendly representatives today to schedule an appointment!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=JEEP&model=Wagoneer"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/December_2021/Auto_Advice/2022_Jeep_Wagoneer_SteelFrame.png"alt="2022 Jeep Wagoneer with steel frame”/></a>With over 120 safety and security features on board, the new 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is designed to protect you and your loved ones on the roads. Available now at O’Connor Chrysler in BC, you can experience this full-size SUV today!

Crafted from high-strength steel, this vehicle is fortified to take on less damage in the event of a crash. It also concludes numerous mechanisms that can prevent collisions.

The first is Blindspot Monitoring. Thanks to advanced sensors, it can detect when another vehicle is coming up next to you. A warning will appear on the driver information centre and on the side mirror. These signals are indicators that it is unsafe to change lanes at the moment.

Another element you will like is Rear Cross-Path Alert. Working with the ParkView Backup Camera, it will notify you if an obstacle moves behind you while you are travelling in reverse. This is meant to lower your chances of parking lot incidences.

You can also get the 360-degree surround view camera system to get a complete look at what’s happening around the Wagoneer before you press the accelerator.

Get in touch with our team of agents now to explore the Jeep Wagoneer further in person!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=JEEP&model=Wagoneer"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/December_2021/Auto_Advice/2022_Jeep_Wagoneer_FrontInteractivePassengerDisplay.jpg"alt="2022 Jeep Wagoneer interior with Interactive Front Passenger Display”/></a>While the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is well equipped on both trim levels - the Series II and III - this model can be fitted with additional packages to customise it further. If you want to reserve a personalised model for your family, contact O’Connor Chrysler in BC today!

The standard seating arrangement is for eight people. However, you can swap out the second-row bench for a set of Captain’s chairs. This reduces the space to seven passengers, but it might be a better option if you have older children who need more wiggle room.

Another suite you can add is the Rear Video Seat Group I. This brings an entertainment system into the mix. Installed dual 10-inch screens onto the backs of the front seats, the kids in the rear can enjoy their favourite shows and games. Thanks to the built-in Amazon Fire TV app, they don’t have to watch the same thing. Different movies can be played at the same time, making the road trip much more peaceful.

Finally, the Front Passenger Interactive Display is a new one that you may love. This adds another monitor just above the glove box for the person riding shotgun. They can control the music or navigation so you don’t have to be distracted.

Contact our agents for more details!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=JEEP&model=Wagoneer"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/December_2021/Auto_Advice/2022_Jeep_Wagoneer_OffRoading.jpg"alt="Close up of 2022 Jeep Wagoneer tire with boat in tow”/></a>The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer lineup is unique in that it is both luxurious and fully capable of extreme off-roading. Thanks to the three available 4x4 systems, you can go just about anywhere in this beastly beauty. Plus, these vehicles are already on our dealership lot here in BC. Take one home or reserve yours today!

First is the Quadra-Trac I mechanism. Bolstered by the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System, you can traverse all sorts of earth in various weather conditions. The third is Quadra-Trac II - which also includes the traction element. Adding a two-speed low transfer case, it is better at rock crawling. Keep in mind that they all deliver the appropriate amount of torque to the wheel that needs it the most. This prevents you from getting stuck.

Another adventure function that you can get is the optional Quadra-Lift Air Suspension. This lifts the total ground clearance up to 10-inches. It also provides 3.6-inches of suspension travel for a more comfortable experience inside the cabin.

The final features in this category include Trailer Hitch Zoom with Line-Up Assist and an integrated Trailer Brake Control. These make towing so much easier and are ideal for bringing along a camper or boat.

Contact us now to learn more!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=JEEP&model=Wagoneer"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/December_2021/Auto_Advice/2022_Jeep_Wagoneer_RunningBoards.png"alt="2022 Jeep Wagoneer with power retractable running boards”/></a>Since the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is a luxury SUV with sophisticated exterior design elements, it is not surprising to learn that many of the outside features are powered. Keeping everything convenient, this model will soon be available at O’Connor Chrysler in BC!

First, the premium colour-tinted glass adds to the overall esthetic of the vehicle. It also promotes privacy and cabin cooling in the summer. On the black-accented roof, you will find a Tri-Pane Panoramic Sunroof. This expansive piece allows you to have an immersive experience with nature from the comfort of the elegant interior. It can be opened with the simple push of a button, and it allows ventilation and fresh air inside.

Another great aspect is the set of Power Retractable Running Boards. As a full-size SUV, the Wagoneer may pose a challenge for some to climb into. However, with these components attached to the sides, passengers can enjoy easy entry and exit. They also boast a unique style that creates a seal. This prevents dirt and mud from being transferred into the cockpit when the boards are retracted.

Would you like to experience the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer in person? Get in touch with our team of representatives today to get more information, schedule a test run, or ask about our current inventory!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=JEEP&model=Wagoneer"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/December_2021/Auto_Advice/2022_Jeep_Wagoneer_InteriorRearMonitoringCamera.png"alt="2022 Jeep Wagoneer with Interior Rear Monitoring Camera”/></a>As a luxury SUV, the new 2022 Jeep Wagoneer can be equipped with a total of seven screens. Aside from that, it also boasts tech upgrades that allow you to keep a close eye on your surroundings and the cabin occupants. Coming soon to O’Connor Chrysler in BC, you can reserve yours today!

First is the Digital Rearview Mirror. This comes in handy over the traditional version because it can display a live video image from the ParkView Backup Camera. This will enable you to see what’s going on behind the vehicle in all instances.

Next is the Interior Rear Monitoring Camera. This available enhancement has been integrated into the headliner and allows you to see what’s happening in the second and third rows. Displayed on the Uconnect touchscreen interface, you can check on the kids without turning around.

Another nifty element that you will love is the Wagoneer app. Granting control over the SUV via your smartphone device, you can schedule a service appointment, contact your Wagoneer Ambassador, and even look at vital vehicle stats. Everything is all in one convenient place.

Ready to give the Jeep Wagoneer a try in person? Get in contact with our team of friendly experts now to learn more about the lineup or inquire about our current selection.

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