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<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/CCC/2022-Ram-1500-Classic/2022-ram-1500-classic-design-bento_39c4665d5101b127232a5b80f9839c03-1248x624.jpg"alt="2022 Ram 1500 Classic in white speeding down a road with a blurred background”/></a>

2022 Ram 1500 Classic Brings Advanced Safety Systems to BC

As a traditionally-styled truck with light-duty capabilities, the 2022 Ram 1500 Classic is the perfect pickup for daily driving. From running errands to hitting a job site, this model is versatile and loaded with safety systems that are designed to protect you and all occupants during the ride. Available right now at O’Connor Chrysler in Chilliwack, you can take one of the segment-defining platforms home with you today!

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/CCC/2022-Ram-1500-Classic/ElectronicSatbilityControl.jpg"alt="2022 Ram 1500 Classic in black driving through the dirt with dust flying around”/></a>

2022 Ram 1500 Classic Offers Stability and Control in BC

One of the advanced suites that every 2022 Ram 1500 Classic trim level comes with is the Electronic Stability Control grouping. Also known as ESC, this package is complete with multiple subsystems working together (or independently) to provide riders with a more comfortable experience inside the cabin. This is especially true when traversing over rough or wet roads. Controls for traction and trailer sway are included, as well as Roll Mitigation, Hill Start Assist, and Ready Alert Braking. You don’t have to worry about steep inclines or slippery pavement any longer.

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/CCC/2022-Ram-1500-Classic/ParkView.jpg"alt="2022 Ram 1500 Classic interior view with a man checking the rearview camera image”/></a>

2022 Ram 1500 Classic Gives Rearview Image to BC

Each 2022 Ram 1500 Classic model also includes the ParkView Backup Camera. Connected to the infotainment interface, a live video image is sent to the touchscreen located on the central dash inside the cockpit. From here, you can see what’s going on behind you as you move in reverse out of parking spaces. Dynamic gridlines are also provided to assist with hooking up a trailer or backing out with an attachment in tow. Navigating city streets or crowded work-sites will prove easy.

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/CCC/2022-Ram-1500-Classic/ParkSense.jpg"alt="2022 Ram 1500 Classic with Park-Sense moving into a parallel space between two other vehicles”/></a>

2022 Ram 1500 Classic Makes Parking Easy in BC

Have you ever felt stressed because you knew you were going to have to parallel park on the street? Well, you don’t need to concern yourself with that anymore when you opt for the 1500 Classic's available Park-Sense Rear Park Assist System. Thanks to integrated sensors on the back bumper, your rearview camera will work overtime to alert you when an obstacle appears, including moving or stationary objects (such as another vehicle or a left-behind bicycle). As you get closer to the item, the audible alarm will get louder and afford you time to respond.

<a href="https://oconnorchrysler.com/inventory?newUsed=New&make=RAM&model=1500+Classic"><img src="https://oconnorchrysler.com/images/upload/January_2022/CCC/2022-Ram-1500-Classic/TrailerBrakeController.jpg"alt="2022 ram 1500 Classic towing a silver camper with a wooded background”/></a>

2022 Ram 1500 Classic Offers Control Over Trailer Braking in BC

Aside from hooking up an attachment, the most stressful part of towing is trying to brake from a high speed. This is no longer an issue with the new 1500 Classic and its available Trailer Brake Control. This element accounts for the weight of the object you are pulling and its ability to remain stable during the deceleration process. As you press the pedal, this mechanism will automatically activate the trailer’s electric brakes to bring everything to a stop smoothly and efficiently. It also helps to eliminate fishtailing, assuring a more fluid experience.

Find a 2022 Ram 1500 Classic in BC

Are you excited to take the 2022 Ram 1500 Classic truck out for a spin? Contact our team of friendly experts at O’Connor Chrysler in BC to schedule a test run or to request additional spec information.

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