2021 Ram ProMaster is Easy to Service in Surrey, BC

May 24,2022

If you are thinking about expanding your commercial fleet, then you probably want vehicles that are easy to maintain and service. That's where the 2021 Ram ProMaster comes into play.   Built with a three-piece modular front fascia, mechanics can quickly access the parts that need attention. This section is made from a durable thermoplastic composite that makes up a trio of panels. Each one can be detached which leads to low repair costs and enhanced uptime.   Another interesting aspect of this cargo van is how the lighting fixtures are installed. Located in higher positions than usual, they are less likely to be damaged in common incidents.   In the event of an accident, the ProMaster comes with six integrated airbags hidden strategically in the front area of the cabin. The driver and passenger units feature adaptive venting technology which offers more protection and peace of mind.   Don't forget that you can add a series of advanced safety elements to this model. From Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking to Blind Spot Monitoring, your employees won't have to worry so much on the busy streets of Surrey, BC.   Want to explore this transport further? Get in touch with our team of experts today to schedule an appointment!